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RCB means Referral Commission Back, it’s mean someone will send back commission to you (who request get RCB).

Almost HYIPs have a referral commission program for all users, it’s a good way to promote their program to other investors. Almost HYIP Monitors paid back money for referral commission more than they’re received! This is almost HYIP Monitos, not all HYIP Monitors. HYIP Admin will spend money for HYIP Monitors to promote their program, then HYIP Monitors spend big money for RCB to bring more investors to this HYIP

We are not responsible for solving the problem if the site doesn't pay! Invest at your own risk.

What is Insurance HYIP? - HYIP Insurance is the compensation for loss to investor in case the project stops paying (Scam). Even the the project has insurance offer, but Our Blog can’t compensate full of your loss. All of insurance amount will be divided to all of our followers.

This is a beneficial incentive, as after the project scam, Our Blog will compensate the investor for all or part of the losses for insured project.

Insurance Rules

You must Register and invest any project have insured using the referral link of Our Blog if you want to apply insurance Compensation request.

Please DO NOT choose compounding option when you make deposit, if you want to qualify for compensation.

You must withdraw your earnings everyday. Because calculator insurance base on Your Total Earning (Profit) not base on Your Total Withdraw.

If the insurance projects have both “Daily Plan” and ” After Plan”, please deposit into Daily Plan only if you want to qualify for insurance offer.

Invest in the period time require for insurance (Details on the project review)

The maximum net loss and compensation for a single investor has no upper limit (Up to 30% of the total insurance funds). Let’s say, if the insurance funds are $5,000, you can get Max.$1,500 compensation (30% of $5,000 insurance funds).

Already request RCB (Refback) on the Project Review and Our Blog already Paid RCB for You.

Our blog only accept insurance paid via Perfect Money (PM) or USDT TRC20 (fee is 1$/time).

Submit an insurance Compensation request by form of Our Blog (Form Insurance will be announced at Our Telegram Channel after project Scam Multiple accounts will be suspended when you request for compensation Anybody who cheat RCB, Giveaway or Insurance compensation, will be BANNED Forever and Our Blog will not reply your query!!!

How to calculate Insurance?

A. If our followers’ total loss is less than the insurance funds, then all of Our Investors will get 100% compensation

B. if our followers’ total loss exceeds the insurance funds, all of the insurance amount will be divided among all of Our Investors who suffer loss in a certain proportion .

Compensation(%)= (Insurance Funds /Total Net Lose) x 100 => Your Covered = Compensation(%) x Your Net Loss.
In which:
Insurance Funds: Example: 3,000$ or 5,000$…..
Your Net Loss = Your Investment amount – RCB amount – Your Earning – Giveaway or Bonus received from us.
Total Net Loss = Net Loss all of Investors
Your Earning = (Scam Date – Active Deposit Date ) x % profit daily (Example: 1% daily) x Investment amount

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1 . What is HYIP?

HYIP is an acronym for High Yield Investment Program. These programs are a treasure trove for providing one of the highest yielding investments that you can partake. There is no better way to take advantage of a massive ROI (Return on Investment) offering due to market-leading interest rates ranging from 5% to triple-digit figures a month.

To get the highest return on their HYIPs investment are utilizing investment sources stemming from a portfolio of market leaders. These methodologies revolve around the idea of advanced monetary administration. The advantage of these policies is that it allows maximum interest payouts on short-term investment time-frames that cannot be, found anywhere else in the world. These professionals have developed all of the proper relationships within the industry that can provide you with a massive return on interest. These experts have developed methods for trading conventional assets in the ever-swelling markets of bitcoin, altcoin, and other such cryptocurrencies.

But. It sounds too good to be true.

High-yield investment programs often headed by seasoned scammers who haven't years of experience in the stock and bond markets of the online Forex platform. The alleged Ponzi schemes or speculation triangles accurately grouped within the HYIP case study. The crypto sphere has the same programs they are known as scams.

High Yield Investment Programs are typically reserved for the web and can even provide a top-of-the-line UX experience. These investment options offer a great entry point for those looking for a high return of interest with an affordable minimum threshold and extreme risk. The buy-in to get your investment reserved with HYIP can start from as little as $10. Given the number of high-yield investment programs around the internet, this starting point could be even lower

2. How to Start An Investment?

Investing is quite popular recently - suddenly a lot of your friends or colleagues are talking about stocks, markets and index funds. You get lost in this whole new world of unknown terms and mechanisms at first, but many stories of success and your curiosity push you to enter the world of investment.

It is always tough to start, especially in a completely alien field. A lot of questions appear immediately after you simply put the word "investment" in a search engine. Where do people get the starting funds? What is the difference between a bond and a stock? Why are there so many ways of investing?

The amount of new information can easily scare away a rookie, but in fact, you don't have to know every single detail about investing before starting. Actually, even the biggest investors are constantly learning. Investment is not a field where you can learn everything by heart and leave it like that. So indeed, to get started with investing you only need to be familiar with the plain basics.

First Steps To Start
If you are already absolutely sure that you are ready to become an investor, this guide is for you. You don't want to spend all of your available money on one stock or get scammed by the fast-profit promises. You are standing in front of the huge world - investment market, and you need to make a first step.

The most crucial thing is to determine what kind of investment you want to start. The most recommended and popular one is of course the long-term investment. Immediate gains and short-term stakes may seem attractive at first, but in reality you will gain more choosing the longer investing process. Although, both options have their pros and cons. Of course the length depends on the amount of time for which you are ready to not have your money available. If your goal is not consistent with investing your money for approximately five years - then long-term investment is not the thing you are ready for.

So, the first mandatory step is to determine your certain goal. Then, depending on it, the type and length of investment.

The second step is to find out your risk tolerance. Risk tolerance depends on the amount of loss you are prepared to handle while making an investment decision. If your risk tolerance is low, then you will more likely make conservative decisions and avoid high-risk investment. For example, you would not put your money into a high-tech start up until you are 99.9% sure that this project will be successful. In contrast, if you have a high risk tolerance, you will make more unusual and risky decisions. Both models are great, because the low risk tolerance investors are more wise with their money, but they are skipping the opportunities that unexpectedly blow up. And the high-tolerant investors are more frequently losing a lot, but they are the first ones among the lucky persons who won a jackpot.

3.How To Choose An Investment?

After you have found your place in the world of investors, the next - and the most difficult - step is to choose a certain investment you will put your money into. A lot of people are backing up at this stage, because they can't bear a thought of spending the money on something so difficult and unpredictable. The best advice is - fear would not help you. The proper research will.

Surely, if you are already at this point, you do not want to lose even a cent. That's why cautionary research is compulsory. Don't be afraid to ask questions to your friends if they are already investing; to read reviews and the ratings of the particular investment platform.

There are a lot of banks nowadays that offer you a separate investing account, and even provide some kinds of insurance. It is always better to double-check, then to try to get your money back from scammers.

So, how exactly do you make an investing choice?

The most wise thing to do is to spread your money over several types of projects and investments. The experts and experienced investors unanimously agree with that point. This will significantly reduce your risks, because even if one type of investment fails, you will always have another one to back it up

But do not divide your money into the really small amounts in order to cover every possible category of investing. That way your losses will be more than your gains, and the outcome will be unsatisfying. Try to define a limited list of options that seem the most attractive to you.

By spreading your money the careful way, you will always be sure to get a decent return even if some categories have decided to decrease.

Generally, the answer to "How to start an Investment?" is relatively simple. You need a little research about yourself and the market, the small amount of confidence and the patience.

This article has provided you the ultimate guide for starting - the rest of your investing career is up to you!

Key Investment Strategies
When you start investing, your ultimate goal is consistent and sufficient income. Even though making money in HYIP is not that difficult, as well as in other types of investment, you need strong and adequate strategies.

Even though making money in HYIP is not difficult, making an efficient and consistent return on your investments is crucial for your investing career. You don't want to stay with little to no income monthly, or to risk everything for a couple of additional bucks.

So what you really do need is a functioning investment strategy. An investment strategy serves as a guidance for investor's decisions. A good strategy is developed balancing the goals, the level of risk tolerance, and the future needs for capital.

Here is the list of key strategies you need to practice in your investing career to become more successful.

Research comes first
The basis of all your investment decisions should be careful research. Before putting your money into a High Yield Investment Program, you need to compare a lot of options to find out the one most suitable for you and your capital. Plus, the research helps you to avoid scammers, or just shady programs that might turn into scams later.

Remember that the information is the key to success. There are several ways to make proper research. Global web and its sources made it easier for the investors to double-check all of the info.

Those ways include:
1. Sending a request in a search engine. The most obvious way - if it is a huge scam, you will find it out immediately. Also remember to sort the reviews you are getting. Some investment programs can buy good reviews, so always use at least one other way of researching.

2. The second popular option are the forums. There are a lot of them: closed and opened, completely dedicated to investing or just to finances in general. There are even forums where recognized experts can directly answer your questions. But there are also a lot of abandoned or shady forums - the web is quite huge.

Therefore, only widely known and trusted forums are a good tool for your research. That will increase the chance that you are reading the responses from the real people, not the paid bots.

Thus, check the accounts and the previous message of the people whose advice you want to take. Also, don't trust the referral links - the people may lie about everything just to get the commission granted if you use their link.

3. Another tool is special monitoring sites that are dedicated to the rating of investment programs. They are often run by professionals, and rarely delete bad reviews. You should still check all of the opinions - some old one could be relevant to your situation.

Of course, never base your decision on a single monitoring site review. Plus, don't trust all of the information you see here, because it can be old or just not yet updated.

Diversifying the Investment
You are always taking a high level of risk when putting your money into a HYIP. If you want to succeed, you need to reduce your risks.

The most popular way of lowering your risk level is to diversify your funds through multiple investment programs and options. That way you create a proper balance, which will save your capital if one of the programs crashes.

Plus, the investing world always includes ups and downs. If one particular investment is not doing well at the moment, you always have a backup in other ones. You lose a little to win a lot more.

Test before investing
If you still have doubts or a bad feeling even after the proper research, don't silence your intuition. Instead, give it a proper try.

The investors call it a "test spend". Put an amount of money you are not afraid to lose in the program you are not sure of yet. If the test spend is successful, and the investment is paying back, still don't hurry. Some scams are good with the first sums, but then they don't pay back any longer.

Redo the test spend, and if the success repeats, then you are safe to invest larger amounts.

Well, almost safe - some HYIPs can still fail to pay back, because they work only for small amounts of money. Be careful in every way!.

Make a regular withdrawal
Don't leave all of your earned money on the investment program website. It is hard to certainly predict the moment when the HYIP will close - and all of your money disappears.

Firstly, withdraw enough money to get back your original spend. This is the single way to keep your balance at least stable.

Then, if your investment is still going strong, remember to frequently withdraw the earnings. Determine the amount you can safely leave into the program to continue making money, and withdraw the rest. Make a schedule - for example, once in three days, if you are comfortable with that. Don't leave the money without withdrawals for more than a week.

By using these strategies, you can guarantee yourself a nice payback on your investment. Implement them into your investing career, and remember to be responsible in your own decisions.

4. High-Yield Investments !

High-Yield Investment is becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. Not so long since the main interest in this sphere of profits was proved mainly by professionals financial specialists. Today, however, the situation in the field of investment has changed are many different areas designed for users without special training.

HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program) is a project that promises high returns on investment deposits. As a rule, payments to the first participants are taking from the contributions of the new participants. It makes HYIP projects related to pyramids and Ponzi schemes.

To date, HYIP projects presented in large numbers on online expanses. There are low-interest platforms, the monthly yield of which does not exceed 20%, and high-interest platforms offering their user's favorable conditions on the deposits with a rate of over 60% a month. With all that, even the most low-interest HYIP projects operate under the tariff plans characterized by much greater profitability than alternative offers from banking organizations. That is the simple reason why high-yield investment programs have become an interest of several users.

Today, to achieve positive financial results in the HYIP sphere, investors need to consider many factors that affect the stability of the profitable platform.

First of all, beginner investors:

Understand the principles of high-yield investment programs; Distinguish investment platforms types; Know HYIP-project evaluation criteria; Apply financial risk diversification methods. Introduction to High-Yield investments The HYIP concept has received popularity in Internet space moderately recently. Various web projects developing in this direction offer their users highly profitable earnings with the funds invested.

All of them, as a rule, have a beautifully designed site, describing in detail the official form of activity, at the expense of which there is an increase in investor money. Often, such projects specialize in the supply of natural resources, betting, the securities market, the sale of expensive equipment, and much more.

Of course, above activities none is carried, only the redistribution of profits takes place. A beginning investor must first understand that any investment project is a Ponzi scheme upgraded version. It means that all the profit percent paid in the project is taken entirely from the contributions of new users. Easily put, to fulfill obligations to the first investor, the platform management needs to withdraw some money from the second investor's deposit, duties to the second investor fulfilled at the expense of the third investor, and so on. These events chain care as long as the volume of incoming funds allows to repay debts to users.

As a rule, a beginning investor thinks seriously about the participation advisability in projects because their activities incredibly high financial risks, which are often impossible to manage.

For this purpose, methodological guidelines have formulated, combining background information related to the diversification of financial risks. What methods of risk management are used today by experienced investors, which we will talk about a little later. For a start, we need to consider the variety of HYIP platforms and the criteria of their estimation.

HYIP projects types and their features Today's HYIP investment according to one general scheme, which can represent several stages:

Reliable project choice;
Join in the project;
Payout plan choice and making a deposit;
Waiting for percent from investment;
Withdrawal or reinvestment earned funds.
All HYIP projects divided according to main criteria:

Depending on the profitability level, there are three types of sites - low-interest (20% per month), medium-interest (from 20% to 60% per month), and high-interest (more than 60% per month);

Depending on the payment system, there are two platforms types automated

(instant payments, made without the administrator participation) and non-automated (manual payments with the processing time of the application up to 2 days);

Depending on the accrual policy, there are two platform types with a one-time profits transfer at the deposit period end, with multiple profits transfers during the entire deposit term.

Understanding the above investment aspects activities will allow a beginning investor competently approach the earning process organization. It is possible to allocate HYIP projects evaluation factors:

The HYIP site success depends on the quality payout plans, how the administrator was able to calculate the investment rates values; Evaluating the website quality can draw certain conclusions about the platform durability, based on its design and content;

The HYIP's success depends on the advertising promotion and the administrator's development plan quality. (a competent advertising campaign should involve a phased promotional materials distribution on popular Internet resources)

To receive profit from participation in this or that project only if all factors evaluation taken correctly. Otherwise, there is a losing invested fund high probability. To minimize risks necessary to use effective ways to diversify them. Risk diversification is an integral part of the work of any experienced investor.

Monitoring services.
Monitoring services are websites whose organizers constantly collect statistical information about the high-yield program's performance. Monitors aggregate a lot of information describing in detail the HYIP profitability level, the opening date, the earned funds withdrawal conditions, and much more. In addition, these statistical and analytical services produce an online tracking solvency HYIP projects status feature that allows you to protect novice investors from a knowingly failed investment idea.

Payout plans analysis
Payout rates competent assessment will help to avoid possible financial losses. Of course, to assess with high accuracy, the available rate parameters are unlikely to succeed. In this case, it is worth performing another analysis type to compare the rates of successful platforms with the values of the rates assessed site. You should regularly monitor HYIP projects used before.

Advertising campaign evaluation.
The administration's approach to promoting it plays an important role. From the point of view of an advertising campaign, it is possible to allocate some valuable recommendations. First, many experienced investors strongly recommend avoiding so-called social projects - platforms promoted only using free mailing lists and advertising in social networks. Such projects stop working during the first days of their operation because the inflow of new investors usually ends at the stage of the first payments.

Secondly, it is worth bypassing the projects whose administrators decide did not to join monitoring services. Such projects not only quickly lose the growth of user activity but also do not provide any statistical data.

Thirdly, projects whose managers limit the promotion of their sites to one wave of advertising. This approach usually causes a sharp decline in investor activity, which leads to rapid project closure.
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