Deposits protection from losses

Insurance Rules:

- You must register the project under us if you want to apply insurance Compensation request -- Be sure you registered under our ref link

- Please Log into our site when you request ref back and apply compensation.

- Anybody who cheat Ref Back or Insurance compensation will be BANNED Forever and we will not reply your query !!!!

- Please DO NOT choose compounding option when you make deposit if you want to qualify for insurance offer.

- You must withdraw your earnings everyday, if you do NOT withdraw earnings everyday, we have to reject your compensation request !

- If the insurance projects have both "Daily Plan" and " After Plan", please deposit into Daily Plan only if you want to qualify for insurance offer.

Apply compensation Rules:

- Please pay attention to the insurance projects status. Once the status was changed to "Problem" or "NOT PAYING”, then you may apply insurance compensation.

- Please apply compensation request within 72 hours after the project’s status was changed to "Problem" or "NOT PAYING” ; your CAN NOT request compensation if the status was changge to "Problem" or "NOT PAYING” more than 72 hours . FYA : If you do not submit your request in time, we are not responsible for such disputes. Please fill the insurance compensation form with all required info .

- Insurance funds will be dispensed within 3 - 5 Business days after the project’s status was changed to “Problem" or "NOT PAYING”. We will not reply to your doubtful message if the payment did not exceed the timeframes .

Compensation Policy:

- Even if the project has an insurance offer, we cannot guarantee that we can make up for all your losses. If our followers' total loss is less than the insurance funds, then all of our followers will get 100% compensation. On the contrary, if our followers' total loss exceeds the insurance funds, all of the insurance amount will be di 00 insurance funds). - So how do we distribute the compensation? - For example: The insurance amount for "ABC project" is 3000$ and there were 5 investors who joined under us and bear a loss as below:

- In such a case, we will dispense the insurance to these 5 investors and send compensation as below: In such a calculation there is $2200 insurance was dispensed and the rest $800 will return to the admin ! Important: The input to calculate insurance is : (Your invested amount - RCB amount – Your withdrawn account = Net Lose)